Smith Tree Care is easily the most professional and efficient team I have seen in this business. From the moment the 4 man team arrived and began to cover my drive and lawn areas with plywood sheets until they departed with the entire area cleaned and raked; they worked efficiently. The climber and crane operator smoothly cut and lowered large sections from the 110 ft gum tree and lowered them to the 2 man team for immediate insert to the mulcher. No large pieces hit the ground; there was no damage to my lawn. The second tree was removed in the same efficient way without moving the crane. The team cleaned the area and as soon as the trucks left my driveway, the extraction truck arrived and loaded and hauled off the dozen large trunk sections. A 2-man stump grinding team arrived as promised 5 days later; and their work was a continuation of the same professional effort. I requested estimates from 3 companies; and I was surprised that Smith was so competitively priced. Their equipment and personnel are first rate and I will readily recommend them for any similar work. This is an obvious example of the result of hiring the right team for your job. Thank you!