This was a shared project between myself and a neighbor and we were both extremely satisfied with the results. I had contacted several local tree services to have three trees removed, one in my yard and two for my neighbor. Those companies either didn’t have an office staff to talk with or even the courtesy to return my calls after leaving messages for two weeks, or came by and did a 5 minute look over and gave me a high verbal price and left.

With Smith’s Tree Care I was able to speak to a representative, make an appointment, and someone showed up on time, gave me an estimate, and had the office email the quote to me within the hour. The crew showed up as scheduled with a crane, chipper, loaders, trucks, leaf blowers, everything needed for the job. The lead person took the time to explain the process and began the work around 9:30 and had cleaned up the area, even blowing the sawdust off the roof, and were gone by 2:30. I might mention that two of these trees were precariously hanging over the house and one of them had to be lifted over a two story structure.

Very organized and professional from start to finish and we would highly recommend Smith’s Tree Care to anyone.