My house is important to me because it’s my home. I have a concern for my neighbors because they matter. I wish them no harm and I hope they feel the same about me. In any event, I had two trees in my yard that posed a hazard to my house and two of my neighbors’ homes if they ever fell in any direction (we’re that close together). Sure, my insurance company would take care of whatever damage the trees caused but I’m not that type of neighbor. At one time there were seven trees that threatened my house. Five ran along the side of my house and the limbs would rake my roof every time the wind got above 35 MPH. Winds in my area get up to 70 MPH when the weather turns bad; we live with it. The five trees belonged to the Apartment Complex next door to me but they refused to cut them down. It was one of those situations that if there was a problem, call our insurance company. I cut the five trees back but in a few years, the problem returned of the branches raking my roof. To make a long story short, I got permission from the Apartment Complex to cut the trees down (I cut them down myself) and I replaced my roof. The two remaining trees (my trees) kept growing for the next 15 years. I could have cut them down myself but there was no way I could have accomplished the task without causing damage to my neighbor’s garage, house, privacy fences or the power lines running between the house. It was time to call in professional help. I got three estimates and Smith’s Tree Service was the middle estimate (you get what you pay for). I took a day off from work, took pictures and watched the crew they sent completely remove the two trees. Bottom Line – No interruption in Power, Cable, Phone or any other service and they didn’t damage a single flower in the yard. I’m sure they could have taken both trees down faster but it was care in not damaging anything that was most impressive. The crew had to work from my neighbor’s yard to remove the trees and my neighbor had no complaints about the cleanup to his yard. If you need tree care, Smith Tree Service is the only call you need to make. I can’t speak for everyone employed by Smith Tree Service but this I can say – The crew of Jon, Scott and Grant made me and my wife a Happy Camper!