Smith’s Tree Care is the best I’ve experienced! Very professional from start to finish:

  1. The estimate was free and timely. The estimate was offered via a great office person, Beth, who provided the estimate via .pdf file in e-mail (or USPS mail), inclusive of a certificate of their insurance which made us feel quite safe. WOW !
  2. Due to bad weather, the project was delayed understandably, and yes I was kept well informed of the delay. Imagine that too for good service.
  3. Their prices are VERY reasonable, ummm probably why they are successful and still in business with all the competion? YES. I thought the estimate was low, heh, and added a small project as well for $50 more on my own behalf. True. (I could have done it myself)
  4. This is the THIRD time I have called them for help, twice before for stump removal. I cut some large bushes down (overgrown – my bad) and the guy removed the stumps quickly and on time. That was such a simple job, the operator felt he wanted to do more, and he did. WOW.
  5. The latest project was done while I was at work. I trusted them, and it was all good. After I came home, the only evidence that I could find was the missing over-grown trees.
  6. Their equipment is top of the line, anything needed, and they it well maintained.

These guys are GREAT, and they have reasonable estimates, and Beth in the office will keep you well informed of your status. They are very well covered by their OWN insurance, use all saftey equipment, and are TOTAL professionals. I never write bad reviews to a small business, and always write good ones. This review is one I am very happy to write. If I had been here, I would have given the guys a tip. That’s how good they are.

Obviously, after three experiences with Smith’s Tree Care, I highly recommend them to anyne one for major to minor projects. And yes, I love my trees, and would only entrust them to to my projects for now on. Hiring them is a no brainer for me, from now onward.